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The more specific you can be with your problem the quicker we will be able to assist in resolving it.

Problem Description

  1. I can not access any devices in the lab after using Webauth to authenticate

  2. I can not access device with this IP address and port, all other devices are OK

  3. I am unable to ping device X from device Y inside the lab

  4. The ftp server is not responding and I am using IP address _______

  5. The response time to the lab is slow, my pings and tracert indicate it is a problem at the lab end and I have attached screenshots

  6. The IP address of the source and target device are in the route / ARP table, but I can not ping

Contact Methods

If you encounter any issues with remote access to the lab please use the following contact methods starting with option “1” before waiting 10 minutes to try contact method “2”.

  1. MSN: info@crystalecho.com or SKYPE: crystalecho (and wait 10 minutes for a response)

  2. Email: juniperlab@crystalecho.com (wait 10 minutes for a response)

  3. Text Message: +61 419484184 requesting assistance, we'll then work with you via MSN or SKYPE

  4. Call +61 419484184

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